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Bear Creek Ranch Story

“Captain Eddie” (his preferred title) as President of Eastern Airlines and under his astute leadership, “Eastern” became the largest and most profitable Airline in the World through his 23 years of consistently exploring new and developing aviation technologies, while embracing “Best Practices” for both his Business and Operations.

This Bear Creek Ranch, was to remain a peaceful and picturesque “Hill Country” haven for the Rickenbacker family from 1951 to 1957. Here, Capt. Eddie, Adelaide, William, David and their grandchildren could escape the frenzied noise, incessant publicity and harried routines of life in New York City and Eastern Airline’s hectic Corporate environment—enjoying a degree of serene solitude not to be found elsewhere at this time in their life together.

Because of Capt. Eddie’s famed “Super Hero” World Class Racing and WWI “Ace of Aces” fighter pilot feats—including numerous “brushes with death”—this “death defying” reputation spawned an immense curiosity and fawning media hounding him/them whenever in public. Therefore, Bear Creek Ranch became a welcomed and much needed (remote) sanctuary. During this time they expanded cattle ranching and continued acquisition of exotic game, while perfecting South Texas cooking. It was here in their beautiful, locally-quarried stone home the Rickenbacker’s provided sumptuous South Texas cooking for the Eastern Airline’s Board of Directors, dignitaries, friends and family. Bear Creek Ranch also enticed hunters from the Northeast to hunt Texas’ exotic game and indulge themselves with this uniquely sumptuous cuisine.

The slow-roasted, “flavor-bursting” meats and other traditional favorites, delivered with Rickenbacker’s South Texas hospitality and influenced by the Hill Country’s unique flavor profiles, influenced by South-of-the-Border traditional favorites, became part of the on-going “legend” of the famed Bear Creek Ranch.

And so continues today the fascinating and illustrious Bear Creek Ranch culinary “legacy” and “legend”.