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“What Nature Perfected…We Prepare®”

Our commitment to scratch-product preparation is almost a proverb—keeping it “Pure ‘N Simple”®—indeed our mantra from the very beginning in 2006.

Our Flavor-Burst Meats™, including our savory, hand-cut steaks, Herb-Encrusted™, Slow-Roasted Prime Rib, juicy poultry and tender seafood, are flame-grilled to perfection. We use our own proprietary blends of Texas Hill Country herbs and spices—creating our own signature Bear Creek Ranch Spice Blends and Bear Creek Ranch Savory Steak Butter™. MSG has NEVER been added to anything…ever. We don’t need it!

EVERYTHING baked in our restaurant is done “Pure ‘N Simple”® EVERYDAY, beginning EARLY…before Mr. Rooster ever thinks about crowing.

All Soups, sauces, marinades, dressings, and au jus are made FRESH following our Legendary Bear Creek Ranch Recipes™.

We take pride in SUPPORTING our local communities by locally sourcing our raw products whenever and wherever possible. We rely on local farmers and vendors for our milled grains and flours, fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, assorted meats and all our dairy products—making us “The Fresher Alternative”™.

From our savory flame-grilled meats to our signature salads, soups, breads, entrées, desserts, cocktails and wine list, I believe you’ll appreciate the Rickenbacker’s Steak House difference.

“Reclaim Your Relationship With Steak!™” by experiencing for yourself the legendary Rickenbacker’s Steak House experience.

Chad Smith, General Manager